What is a Personal Brand?
It’s simply your reputation.

What is Personal Branding?
It’s the act of strategically managing your reputation.

Why do I want to manage my reputation?
To be sure the information that is out there about you is the information you want people to know about you.

What can a Personal Brand do for me?
It will attract business to you, so you no longer have to do any selling.

How can ShoutBrand help me develop my Personal Brand?
We work with people in a few ways. For the fastest results we offer one-on-one coaching, group workshops and “coming soon” online training.

If I have a job do I still need a Personal Brand?
Yes, because you will want to have a strong reputation as an expert in your niche, which will help you advance within the company or make you next career move.

What about Social Media?
When you use social media “casually” and without intention it can actually be dangerous. We teach you how to use Social Media strategically and with intention to create attractiveness.

What is a Visual Brand and why do I need one?
Just like big brands like Starbucks and Target, you need to have a consistent visual image because that is what makes you recognizable. In other words, when you use the same pictures, fonts and colors in a similar manner you create a style or visual brand.

Why do I need to be recognizable?
People need to see an image between 8-22 times for it to register with them. In advertising we call these impressions. If you present yourself in a different way each time, you will not get “credit” for every impression.

What about my privacy?
There really is no “privacy” as we once thought of it. Many Social Media sites focus on creating the illusion of privacy protection. It is best to assume anything you post or upload online will not be kept private. Keep it “G” rated and never post anything you don’t want the world to know.

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