NanceRosen2015ExaminerSquare copyNance Rosen, MBA – CEO of ShoutBRAND
CNBC named Nance Rosen, “America’s Job Coach.” Nance is the author of the best selling book, “Speak Up & Succeed: How to get everything you want in meetings, presentations and conversations.” She’s a former marketing executive with Coca-Cola, the number one most recognized brand in the world. She is a world-class speaker, educator, broadcast personality, sales trainer, business coach, and entrepreneur. See Nance in action at NanceSpeaks! She is also the executive publisher of Pegasus Media World: The Success Press. Over 420 media outlets cover Nance; when Nance speaks people listen!

ShoutBRAND was created by Nance to bring her success in personal branding to YOU! It’s time to raise YOUR visibility!

Considering your options? Wondering what’s the best way for you to achieve your financial, professional and personal goals?

The closer you get to the authentic you – the happier and richer you will be!

Research has proven that 85% of your success comes from personal traits – and only 15% comes from skills!

ShoutBRAND is dedicated to developing your personal intelligence and guiding you to access your authentic strengths. We help you create the ideal foundation for a sustainable, successful and satisfying business or career. Our tools and programs help you gain the power to decide on your IDEAL business or career. Then, we help you launch a great personal brand that does the work of attracting exactly the types of opportunities or clients you really, really want.

We think it makes perfect sense for you to get crystal clear on your most positive and powerful qualities – and then leverage them. That’s why ShoutBRAND was created.

NOW is the time to create the authentic, natural and powerful personal foundation that ignites your ability to:

Attract a new job!

Launch a new career!

Create a new business!

Become a leading coach and expert in a field you love!

Gain new clients for your current business or coaching practice!

Find the perfect investor!

Amazing and true: personal branding can bring you everything you want in your life. It is all about harnessing your authentic “Power Of AttractiveNESS.” That’s what can ignite the outreach TO YOU from quality clients. Raising the visibility of your magnetic, authentic traits can attract the perfect offers from quality companies with amazing new job opportunities.

There’s even more benefits! Great personal brands find themselves surrounded by truly supportive, nourishing and appreciative co-workers, clients, referral sources and investors. The joy and power of being your authentic best may even attract the love of your life or re-ignite the connection you have with the special person you are with now.

Our live workshops, one-on-one coaching and online education programs help you realize the possibilities you may only have dreamed about, until now. We guide you through a step-by-step process, which reveals your authentic self and your most favorable and magnetic attributes. Then, we show you HOW TO execute a personal branding plan both online and on-ground.

ShoutBRAND is proud to be the sponsor of the Million Dollar Personal Brand Blueprint course that Nance personally designed, tested and is now launching.


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